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Hyaluron Pen For Fat Dissolving

Hyaluron Pen For Fat Dissolving
Hyaluron Pen For Fat Dissolving

Kabelline is a lipolytic fat dissolver that contours the body as a non-surgical lipo-suction eliminating stubborn fat cells. HyaPenPro is the worlds 1 no-needle Hyaluron Pen which leverages air pressure as a delivery mechanism for the uniform and precise penetration of hyaluronic acid dermal filler mesotherapy bio-revitalisants cosmeceuticals vitamins fat-dissolving products.

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Hyaluron Pen -- FAT DISSOLVING COURSE Welcome to our online training.

Hyaluron pen for fat dissolving. If you dont have any weight gain You can also use the Hyaluron Pen for lips wrinkles as well. Kabelline is a linear serum that forms a slender silhouette and reduces the amount of heavy fat. 1 MODULE 1--Skin Theory.

Liporase is a hyaluronic acid which we call the eraser Usually used to correct mishaps performing lip fillers Liporase also acts as a dissolver so it can increase your effect of fat dissolving. The Hyaluron pen is a needle-free system that uses air pressure to bring fat dissolve products into the skin in a non-invasive way with NO needles. Sosum and Hyaluron Pen Specialist Training OFFER 65000 including VAT.

It is a complete analogue of the product Kybella approved by the United States Food and. This makes it the go-to choice for professionals who demand safe cost-effective lucrative repeat treatments that deliver. Solution to act against cellulite and localised fat-the only product approved for Hyaluron Pen Fat dissolving is a powerful cosmetic combination of active ingredients recommended for treatments directed at burning fat and draining retained fluid.

Hyaluron Pen Mini Kit 2 15000 12500 including VAT. Results can be seen after 30 days. Dermaplaning Kit 4166 including VAT.

Our classes are prepared by an expert in Hyaluron Pen to make you ready and secure to work with fat dissolve. DermaHeal LL is a serum that helps eliminate stubborn fat cells and pockets that are not easily removed by diet or excersize. FULL SIZED Skin Boss Chemical Peel Kit PRE ORDER 14167 including VAT.

We have years of experience in beauty treatments and costumer service you will have best to prepare you to work no need of refreshers classes or need of taking another class with different company to feel safe. We take pride in offering only carefully selected industry leading. The Hyaluron Pen is the latest non-invasive air pressure device that uses a NEEDLE-FREE delivery method to infuse hyaluronic acid into the skin to cosmetically enhance your lips and fine lines.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about the operations of the Hyaluron Pen Fat Dissolving. Buy 89900 Course curriculum. Kabelline can be used on the chin arms legs belly hips and all body parts not to be used on the cheeks.

The effect of using the Hyaluron Pen is visible after 4-5 weeks and permanent. A perfect ally for aesthetic treatments directed at improving circulation combating cellulite or tightening the skin in flaccid areas or with fine wrinkles. Hyaluron Products Fillers Fat Dissolve.

To remove fat the patient will need two to three treatments approximately four weeks apart. Besides this method of entry it works exactly the same as fat dissolving injections which you may be more familiar with. Kabelline can be infused with Hyaluron Pen most recommended with 05ml disposable syringes.

Kabelline Fat Dissolve Lipolytic Solution. Fat Dissolve Kit Hyaluron Pen 28333 including VAT. This air pressure causes the hyaluronic acid to burst into tiny nanoscale molecules and disburse all while leaving lasting results from 4-6 months.

You can elongate the effect of your Fat Dissolver by mixing each vial with Liporase.

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