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How Does Termite Treatment Work

How Does Termite Treatment Work
How Does Termite Treatment Work

In essence the exterminators will still cover your house up with a kind of tent. This treatment works against dry wood termites only.

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But before pumping hot air into your home the entire structure will be sealed.

How does termite treatment work. They typically consist of cellulose to attract termites combined with an insecticide to affect the termite. However the tent they will use for heat treatment. Baits are slow-acting and designed to gradually poison the entire colony.

So when termites come across such baits and feed on them they take some of it. This type of treatment begins to work immediately with the engineered bait content which is nearly ten times more attractive to termites than wood. We work with various options for ridding your home of these pests including an effective eco-friendly reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset.

How Does Termite Treatment Work. The heat treatment for termites is conducted with the use of heaters that produce hot air. Termite treatment requires a number of procedures to ensure an infestation is.

A termite baiting system is a green approach to termite control. Terminix Termite Liquid Treatment starts with digging a trench around the house. Termite baiting systems and traditional liquid termiticide termite treatments work differently.

For this treatment a termite specialist will dig a trench around the perimeter of your home and apply the liquid treatment in it. It involves poisoning the soil on the slab area where your house will be constructed. When administered by a professional pest control expert termite treatment works to not only eliminate active infestations but also prevent future ones.

Liquid application left baiting right The other treatment category is baiting. Where liquid treatments regularly require hundreds of gallons of termiticide to be applied to the soil termite baiting systems utilize mere grams of active ingredient to protect your structure from termites. This treatment protects your property even before the builders pour the slab.

Termite baits consist of cellulose-based food combined with a slow-acting substance lethal to termites. The main difference between the two is that non-repellent sprays are virtually undetectable by termites. Thats not to say termites will never find their way across even in five years.

The goal here is to kill the termites with excessive heat. Different treatment types such as the use of termite bait will require some time for such baits to fully take effect. One of these alternatives for the tent termite treatment is heat treatment.

Sometimes tenting is also used here. Foam accurately injected through the termites. Treatment begins when a professional pest control expert thoroughly inspects your property for signs of termites what type of termites you have and how severe the infestation is.

The trench is then filled with our liquid termite treatment. The thing is liquid solution is very hard to deliver in the core of the colony liquid will not go up the termite galleries and fill all the space. It can do exactly what liquid termiticide does just better.

Termite treatment has several steps to ensure an infestation is completely eliminated. Moreover the builder or exterminator will treat foundation inlets and outlets to discourage termite infestations. The idea of foaming is quite simple.

Two treatment options for termites. Enlist the services of Times Up Termite for your free termite inspection. The baits are installed below ground out in the yard in cylindrical plastic stations.

There are two primary types of sprays that can be used to combat termites. This bait will keep termites from maturing or molting which will eventually cause them to die. Liquid termite treatments such as Termidor are applied to the soil around the entire perimeter of your home providing a solid barrier of protection.

Not only are most liquid termiticides lethal to termites when they ingest it its also lethal by contact as well. There are several different termite treatment methods used regularly among pest professionals. Bait systems are designed to lure termites away from your property with a control agent thats meant to kill off the colony.

How Do Liquid Termite Treatments Work. Then we will suggest a plan for your situation. A residential Termidor termite treatment is typically completed by a trained Termidor Certified Professional in less than a day offering your home or building termite protection that begins immediately.

Termite treatments are performed as a soil and structural treatment and are not sprayed on. Its possible some can make their way into your home if there are any gaps in the chemical barrier. The bait stations are placed around your property and the agent is carried back to the nest by worker termites who believe it to be food.

Our professional team stands ready to come in and check out everything.

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