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Life In The 1950s Compared To Today

Life in the 1950s was much like today and at the same time very different. Fashion in the 1950s was a lot different than what we would consider wearing now. 18 Rare Vintage Photos Of What Life Was Like In The 1950s Life In The 1950s Vintage Photos 1950s Women Government has encroached more into our daily lives. Life in the 1950s compared to today . Its 66 percent today. Suburban towns sprang up like crabgrass across the country. OverviewThe 1950s was an era of great upheaval in the United States. One of the key things that make fashion in the 1950s different from now is that they were much more formal at times when in public not just church but when the occasion would strike the family would go out to dinner at a restaurant and wear their finest. The 1950s Lifestyles and Social Trends. According to mental health statistics we were happier than todays kids by far. Family Life in the 1950s. People are busier now and dont visit and relax as they did when I lived in t