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How To Apply Hyaluronic Acid The Ordinary

Gently apply your HA serum onto your DAMP face more on this below. The next stage when using HA is to moisturize your skin. Pin On S K I N C A R E If you feel you need more use more. How to apply hyaluronic acid the ordinary . Think of your regimen as a hydration sandwich spritz your face with water or a facial mist apply the hyaluronic acid treatment then spritz again. Apply a chemical-free moisturizer to your clean face to ensure that the HA has everything it needs to lock in all of the goodness for the remainder of your day. The Ordinary products typically are either water-based or oil-based and its important you apply your water-based products first. If the product has a specified duration of use rinse off after this time has elapsed. This means that just like Glycerin it draws in moisture from the atmosphere into your skin. For best results smooth two to three drops over damp skinthis way itll have more moisture to latch on to and draw into your skin. The Ord