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How Much Weight Can A Bald Eagle Carry

Their beak and feet are bright yellow. The average size of a full grown eagle is 30 to 32 inches tall and has a wingspan measuring six to seven feet. The Bald Eagle Wingspan How Does It Compare To Other Birds Of Prey Avian Report Weights For Different Types Of Eagles. How much weight can a bald eagle carry . The weight carrying capacity varies from Bird to Bird. Weight is up to 14 lbs. Slightly smaller are the Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles. Male bald eagles weigh between 7 and 10 pounds. Some Alaskan eagles have been recorded lifting weights of well over 7 kg 154. Every few years a story makes the rounds about a bald eagle carrying off a dog or trying to snatch someones cat. Greatest weight-carrying capacity record is in the name of Bald Eagle by lifting a 68 kg 15 lb mule deer. He found that for 100 yards males could carry objects weighing two pounds and females about three pounds. They can pick up and carry four or five pounds maximum and actually fly off with i