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Where To Catch Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go

How to Locate Aerodactyl Nest Pokemon Go Coordinates. Hell resurrect your fossils into a Pokemon for you including Aerodactyl. The Magnetic Lure Module Can Also Spawn Rock Types Like Aerodactyl And Geodude Hope This Helps Hashtags Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Trainer Hunter Pokemon The two legendary Pokemon will be available for seven days meaning trainers. Where to catch aerodactyl in pokemon go . In this video i will show you how to get Aerodactyl in Pokemon lets go Pikachu and Pokemon Lets Go Eevee. The good news is Aerodactyl is also one of the. Go to the back corner on the right and talk to the man in the lab coat there. Up to 50 cash back You just have to look at its type. By Joshua Duckworth Published Jan 06 2019. Aerodactyl is a Rock Flying Pokémon. By maxing out the Pokemons speed and attack EVs players can send out Aerodactyl as a suicide lead put down Stealth Rock and then follow up with either a Tailwind or go out swinging with a Stone Edge. Is Aerodactyl g