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How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense

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How To Cleanse Without Sage

If thats the case you can create a cleansing spray using essential oils. Add equal parts cheap vodka as a preservative. How To Cleanse Your Space Without Sage Smoke 5 Alternatives Otherworldly Oracle Energy Cleanse Negative Energy Cleanse Cleanse This is a great addition to smoke-free places too such as a workplace. How to cleanse without sage . Burying an object in salt or soil for 12-24 hours can remove unwanted energies. Let it cool strain optional and transfer to a dark glass bottle. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. 1 Sit down with your legs crossed if you can or use a chair. How To Cleanse Crystals With Universal White Light. 2 Hold your crystal or crystals in your hands. Allow the smoke to fill the room and say I cleanse this home with smoke. One hand over the other if possible or cupped. If you bury something in soil I would suggest doing so in a container a pot or bowl. Allow the smoke to fill the air in each room while