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Least Crowded Beaches In Southern California

Probably the most family-friendly of all the beaches its perfect for an all-day outing with the grandchildren. There is a long staircase down to the beach maybe this is the reason why it is not overcrowded. 7 Secret Beaches In California Without Crowds Jetsetter Best Beaches To Visit Places In California Monterey California Beach 5 rows The least crowded of all is Surfside tucked away between the more lively Huntington and Long. Least crowded beaches in southern california . Accessible via a steep 15-minute hike the vast beach features tidal pools and a waterfall that overlooks the sea. Parking is 15 for non-pass holders -- and get here early as the lot tends to fill up. Because Fort Morgans beach area is far less crowded than most other Gulf Coast beaches vacationers are preferring to spend their summer days here instead. The view is pretty lovely too. A couple relaxes on the jetty at the San Gabriel River Mouth where Seal Beach has a less crowded feel. Theres a little kn