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Distance From Los Angeles To San Diego

It passes along the coast with brief glimpses of the Pacific Ocean through Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base and north through Orange County. Thus its rich in culture and close to many exciting places to explore. Distance From Los Angeles To Lake Arrowhead Lake Arrowhead Lake Los Angeles CDC information for travelers. Distance from los angeles to san diego . People from all over the world dream of visiting Los Angeles Hollywood and all the excitement it promises. If you want to go by car the driving distance between San Diego and Los Angeles is 19503 km. Flight distance is approximately 111 miles 179 km and flight time from San Diego CA to Los Angeles CA is 13 minutes. Alternatively you can train which costs 30 - 45 and takes 3h you could also fly which costs 65 - 210 and takes 2h 59m. Its a 02 hours 09 minutes drive by car. Quickest way to get there Cheapest option Distance between Los Angeles to San Diego by train The train journey time between Los Angeles and San Diego i

Los Angeles To Chicago Distance

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