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Fayette County Georgia Water Restrictions

Since toilet rebate programs in metro Atlanta began in 2008 over 145000 old inefficient toilets have been replaced with low-flow and high-efficiency models as of January 2019. Georgia EPD and the Metro Water District encourage water conservation and water-saving habits and actions every day. Georgia Epd Declares Level 1 Drought Response Calls For Water Conservation City Of Flowery Branch Georgia From April 2016 to March 2019 Fayette County complied with health-based drinking water standards. Fayette county georgia water restrictions . It allows daily outdoor watering for purposes of planting growing managing or maintaining ground cover trees shrubs or other plants only between the hours of 4 pm. Fayette County compliance with legally mandated federal standards. Dont use the toilet to flush away tissues gum wrappers or any other small scraps. No Swimming wading scuba diving or any other bodily contact with pond water with the exception of official training activities by the