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How To Fight Zoning Laws

Preparing to Attend a Public Hearing on the Land Use or Zoning Decision In addition to becoming familiar with both the procedural and substantive requirements that apply to the zone change request you will also want to put together a strong showing in opposition to the proposal. An experienced real estate or land use attorney can help you navigate through some of the red tape and gain leverage with the governmental unit. Zoning Laws By Elena Potter At Coroflot Com Law Typography Novelty First a set-back determines the distance between the buildings front rear or side and the edge of the property line. How to fight zoning laws . In this manner you can let the zoning authority know that you have resources to assist you in fighting for your property rights. This permit would exempt you from current zoning regulations and allow you to set up your business in an area not currently approved for commercial zoning. Some reasons why you might want to get your property zoned differently incl