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Birds Name Hindi And English

Words written in English are also given their pronunciation. Crow Scientific Name- Corvus 15 5. Pin On Digitaledu4kids Sparrow Scientific Name- Passeridae 13 3. Birds name hindi and english . There are many different types of birds in the world. You will find their names in both Hindi and English languages. All Birds Names in Hindi and English Birds Name List 1. बज Baaj Hawk हक. Crow कव Kauvaa Corvus brachyrhynchos 4. Crane सरस Saaras Gruidae 3. पकषय क नम हद तथ अगरज भष म Pakshiyon ke Naam -. Dove Scientific Name- Columbidae 14 4. Birds Name In English. Cuckoo कयल Koyal Cuculidae 5. Pakshiyon ke naam with photo hindi and english. Here the names of some birds found in India and their scientific names are also given together. Birds Picture. 26 Zeilen List of Birds Name in Hindi and English. Birds Name In English with pictures - Birds Names in Hindi and English - Complete list for children. उलल Ullu Owl ऑऊल हस Hans Swan सवन चमगदड. बटर Bater