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Oak Park Montgomery Al History

As part of its efforts Oak Park embraced its rich heritage and noted legacies of Wright Hemingway and others. Copyright 2021 The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest Phone. Montgomery City Planetarium Montgomery City Road Trip Places Vacation Trips Apparently before I was even thought of this 40 plus acre park was THE recreation center of the city. Oak park montgomery al history . In 1886 the Capital City Street Railway Company purchased the original 105 acres to serve as a city park. Oak Park continued to grow as the vacant land was built upon with homes churches businesses and schools. With roots tracing back to 1899 this park is the crown jewel of the Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department. Oak Park Montgomerys first public park is now complete with a historical marker. Montgomery residents have enjoyed Oak Park with its interesting and diverse history for more than a century. Skip to Main Content. A great history of the park can be found here. T