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What Does 2 4 D Kill

In domestic lawn and garden maintenance 24-D is commonly used for weed control in lawns and other turf. 24-D is a powerful and effective weed killer with a lot of practical uses. Best Time To Apply 2 4 D To Kill Weeds In Your Yard Pepper S Home Garden Weedmaster would kill clover and is not labeled for. What does 2 4 d kill . In other words it causes uncontrolled growth of cells in broadleaf weeds thereby eliminating them. 24-D Amine Selective Post Emergent Herbicide is manufactured by Alligare and is a post-emergent weed killer designed to eliminate various types of unwanted broadleaf weeds brush and trees. 24-D kills broadleaf weeds but not most grasses. Besides killing many garden crops 24-D also will kill many of the ornamental plants. What Plants Does 24-D Kill. Herbicides with 24-D are often implicated in noticeable drift situations. 4-D and its often mixed with other active ingredients like dicamba. In forestry it is used for stump treatment trunk injection