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Will Weed Killer Kill Trees

He had used it liberally within at least half or more of the trees critical root zone. Those containing glyphosate for example typically are safe to spray around mature trees. Pin On Garden The chemical doesnt leach through the soil so it shouldnt reach the trees roots. Will weed killer kill trees . While most weed killers like Roundup contain glyphosate a non-selective chemical compound that kills both broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds alike these sprays also kill any other plant it touches. If youre happy to leave the tree where it is then girdling can be effective. Weed and feed sounds like a dream product it kills lawn weeds and fertilizes with one quick application. But to get rid of it completely you might need to call a tree removal expert. This includes both evergreen and deciduous trees. Depending on the type of weed problem you have consider a selective weed killer to prevent killing other vegetation surrounding the weed. However even though the product i