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Do Appraisers Look For Code Violations

Frequently referred to as comps comparable properties are a key aspect of most real estate transactions. The Ohio Real Estate Appraiser Board has revoked the appraiser license of Danny E. What Is An Over Inflated Loan Appraisal Assurance Financial The knowledge about what makes a condition hazardous is rooted in the building code but home inspectors are not code enforcers. Do appraisers look for code violations . You can also call your own appraiser or inspector in specifically to check for work that looks like it may have been done off the books and then cross-check that against the sellers disclosure. If they even KNOW that theyre violations--which will depend entirely on that appraisers experience with the codes of the area. When a municipality receives a code violation complaint a city inspector will visit the property to verify that the complaint is valid. The appraiser will assess the value of the home and report it to the lender. The appraiser is not there to be cod