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Oldest Gravestone In The World

A child no older than three laid to rest sideways in an earthen grave 78000 years ago legs carefully tucked up against its tiny chest is the earliest known human burial. That is now known as Forward Twp Allegheny Co Pa. Gravestone In Old German Cemetery The Appearance Of A Log Or Tree In The Marker S Making Indicates The Subj Cemetery Monuments Gravestone Cemetery Headstones That is now known as Forward Twp Allegheny Co Pa. Oldest gravestone in the world . One way to get an older gravestone in that area is to have found a childs headstone where the child died in January 1767 or later but before 1781 but I do not know of a child who died there that early but I bet there could be at least one because those were very hard times. Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the oldest pet cemetery on record a nearly 2000-year-old burial ground filled with well-loved animals including the remains of. An archaeological dig in Alaska has uncovered the oldest human remains ever found in Arctic