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Russian River White Water Rafting

With three different rivers and three levels of adventure to choose from we can give anyone from ages 6 to 106 an experience that will last a lifetime. The Russian River offers good class II-III rapids for private rafting trips and whitewater kayaking north of the town of Cloverdale. Forestville Ca Rafting Trips White Water Rafting River Rafting FLOAT TRIPS Large groups beginners and families with small children should consider these river trip options. Russian river white water rafting . Whirl-pools and waves up to 2 meters and higher though depending on the water level. With a kayak he travelled over the Russian Indigirka River from Oymyakon to Belaya Gora nearby the Arctic Ocean. Whitewater on the upper Russian River runs in the winterspring rainy season excepting the EF Russian River which also runs in summer due to a diversion from the Eel River. Russian River Whitewater Boating Runs - put-ins and other landmark locations. Most Dangerous White Water Rafting. The gorge