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Best Way To Remove Graffiti From Concrete

The more traditional way of removing spray paint from concrete is to scrape away the excess paint and wash the area down with washing soda and water or a strong detergent scrub it with a soft-bristled brush and then rinse with clean warm water. Knowing the type of paint used and the material it is on is key to helping you remove the graffiti. How To Remove Spray Paint From A Driveway 10 Methods For Concrete Or Asphalt Spray Paint Remover Paint Remover Spray Paint Allow a moderate dwell time of 5 to 30 minutes. Best way to remove graffiti from concrete . Peel Tec the ultimate tool for removing graffiti. Simply apply with a cloth or soft brush to work into the bricks pores. It comes in an 18 oz can so you. In this post were diving into the best way to remove graffiti from a concrete pavement or sidewalk. Spray pour or brush Clean City Pro Red Label Graffiti Remover or Clean City Pro Blue Label Gel Graffiti Remover onto graffiti tag. Aim the power washers nozzle 3 feet from t