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Smoky Lake Maple Filter Press

Smoky Lake Maple Products stainless filter press. Please call us 920-202-4500 regarding current availability on your desired configuration. Smooth As Glass Natural Scenery Beautiful Nature Beautiful Landscapes Smoky Lake Maple Products LLC. Smoky lake maple filter press . Smoky Lake Maple Products LLC. Easy to Upgrade. Filters - Bags and Flats. Smoky Filter Press Bottling Equipment Sugaring discussion forums and market place for used sugaring equipment. Perfect height allows you to easily maneuveradjust each paper during filter press setup. Made in the USA. To immediately secure your position in the queue please place your order here on the website. Jim and Angela Schumacher of Smoky Lake Maple Products show off their new line of all-stainless filter presses at the Wisconsin Maple Institute in Wausau Wisc. Smoky Lake Maple Products LLC 208 N 12th Street Hilbert WI 54129 If you are coming to pick up a large order please give us a heads up so we can have it ready wh