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When To Trim Live Oaks

If an oak tree needs to be pruned it should be. So now we could say that the safest time to prune oaks would begin in mid-July and extend through mid-February early February in South Texas and the time to avoid would be just the inverse. Pruning Live Oaks Can Be Done Now If Done Right Backyard Trees Live Oak Trees Live Oaks To promote healthy wood and minimize damage aim to remove dead damaged diseased and rubbing branches. When to trim live oaks . Trimming them is just fine but the timing of the trimming is crucial. Follow the three-step cutting method. You can jeopardize their health and future growth. Mid-February early February in South Texas through mid-July. The beetles responsible for spreading the fungus that causes oak wilt are most. The best time to trim oak trees in Texas is in the fall and winter. Trim off the diseased section of the branch making the pruning cut in the healthy tissue 14 to 12 inch above a lower branch junction or trunk. I typically wo