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Why Are New Yorkers So Angry

Why is Bakugou so angry. I cant tell you how excited that makes me. Why You Feel Rage In New York And Why That Might Not Be So Bad My belief is not that New Yorkers are inherently bad people or even inherently unhappy people. Why are new yorkers so angry . LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE. And the honest truth is that New Yorkers spec. It perpetuates stereo-types that have been created over many years by people generalizing about New Yorkers. Some New Yorkers might get offended by this video. The person is thus welcomed into a warm little group. Miami topped the annual poll for the last four years but voters in 25 major metropolitan areas gave New Yorkers the prize for angriest most aggressive drivers who tailgate speed honk their. NY pizza is not the end-all-be-all of fucking. Great news its predicted there will be 1 million more people living in New York in the next 10 years. Okay Benai THANK YOU FOR WATCHI. And yes there can be only one New York. Lets ask them A